Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thank you God Part II

Stan left this afternoon to get money from the ATM for me, laundry detergent (for me as well) & something to eat. Caden decided to stay home with me (Thank you GOD!!).

I get a call about 15 minutes later from Stan. "I need you to come get me at Longmire & Brothers. I got hit. I'm okay. And you need to know that the truck is upside down right now."
I'm so glad he told me. Even knowing that, it was very difficult driving up to the scene, seeing the ambulance (with lights on), the firetruck, and all the cop cars. I threw the car into a parking place & I grabbed Caden's hand and probably dragged him across the street. Stan assured me that the blood I saw on his head and arm were from the window when he climbed out. He said a nice man cut his seatbelt for him so he didn't have to hang in the air. And no, I canNOT believe I just wrote that sentence.

One of the firemen immediately came over and asked Caden if he wanted to see the firetruck. Caden grabbed my hand and held onto the fireman with the other. He was interested in the truck, but didn't want to get into it - he's not a fan of the noise.

Later when I told him we needed to thank God for keeping Daddy safe, he asked me, "Are the firemen God, Mama?" I teared up a little and said, "No. But God is with them all of the time and He helps them help other people."
After we took some more pictures with Stan's phone (the camera died), he said he was still hungry and with a bleeding head and arm, he said he wanted a Freebird's burrito.

We're down to one car & we're not sure about a lot of things right now. But - Stan is safe and at home with us - he didn't even need to go to the hospital.

Thank you nice man who cut his seatbelt.

Thank you policeman for telling us what was going to happen step by step.

Thank you firemen for being there to help and being sweet to my little boy.

...Thank you God.


Amanda said...

That's amazing! All I can say is WOW. Did he get T boned and then flipped? Glad he was not injured and sure glad that Caden wasn't with him. God is so good!

Stan said...

I hit the gas when I realized the girl was going to run the stop sign. The main impact was just above the driver side rear wheel which forced the back end around. The sudden change in direction is what caused the truck to roll.

The Bush Herd said...

I am sitting here crying. Thank you God that Stan is okay. Thank you that Caden was at home and did not have to be a party to this accident. Thank you that our friends are okay, shaken up,but okay.

The Bush Herd said...

So what's the status of the car situation?

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness Deann! I had no idea. How horrible about the accident and how wonderful that Stan is okay.

I cannot even imagine how awful it must have been to drive up and see his car upside down. Even knowing he was okay your heart must have skipped a beat.

Call me.

Shannon Lindley