Saturday, November 24, 2007

Flu shot hurts

DeAnn asked me to write this since getting the flu shot this year was a father/son experience.

Most people dread getting shots. Me, not so much. Not that big of a deal. So without thinking about it, when I picked Caden up I told him we were going to get his flu shot. His response...."OK."

When we got to Scott & White he walked in telling everyone that he was getting a flu shot. He was very excited. I got several looks of disgust from other parents who were attempting to keep their children calm. I don't think they were very happy with Caden repeatedly saying "flu shot". Their children certainly were not.

The nurse administering the flu shot had me to take him behind a privacy screen and take his britches off since she was giving him the shot in his thigh. I got him ready and held him in my lap. When the nurse arrived she told me I needed to lay him down so I could hold him better and so he wouldn't see what she was doing.

I attempted to humor her. I layed him down, but I simply laid my arm across his chest. She said that wasn't good enough. I needed to hold his hands. So I laid my hand on top of his hands without grabbing them. When she applied the alcohol he sat up. The nurse looked up at me, but I just nodded at her.

She then gave him the shot with Caden watching the whole time. Not one peep. No sound. Not even a whimper. When she finished Caden said "I got flu shot". I looked up to see the nurse sitting there with her jaw dropped. Apparently this is not the normal reaction from a 2 year old.

I put his britches back on, put Caden down and we started to head for the door. I was asked by a couple different people if Caden really just got a flu shot. I didn't have to answer. The nurse said Yes.

As we passed the tables I noticed Caden was limping a little. I asked if he was okay. He said "Flu shot hurts daddy."

A father couldn't be any prouder.

Tis the season

Tis the season for all the cute photo Christmas cards. And I'm happy about that; I really am. But I would like to point out a few rules of grammar that many people have forgotten. In case you missed the rantings post, I'll cover them again.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use an apostrophe to form a plural of your last name.

Example - Merry Christmas from the Smiths is correct.
Merry Christmas from the Smith's is not!!!!!!

I realize that it's ridiculous that it gets on my nerves this much, but I think it's ridiculous how many times on a daily basis I run into educated people who don't know this rule.

If your name ends in an -s, as mine does, you have 2 options:
Merry Christmas from the Aalbers family
Merry Christmas from the Aalberses

So as you design your cards from Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or any other place, please keep these rules in mind. And please note, that a grammatically incorrect Christmas card will not find its way onto the Aalbers' (see how I showed possession by ALL of the Aalberses?) fridge.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

So incredibly thankful

For a son that is healthy & happy

For a husband who is sweet, loving, and who provides for me

For a job that is challenging, interesting, and fun

For 4 days off from said challenging & interesting job

For a house that is beautiful & sturdy (now!)

For clothes that are warm and comfy

For parents who take care of us and love up on my son

For in-laws who I enjoy being around

For friends who get me

For Caden's teachers who love him and teach him & do both incredibly well

For 2 vehicles that work and are comfortable and get us from place to place

For the ability to go to the A&M game tomorrow

For my education

For my son's inquisitive and adventurous spirit

For his sweet, sharing heart too

For fun trips to the zoo

For people who write awesome children's books

For a son who loves to read those books

For cold weather - finally!