Thursday, March 15, 2012

Melatonin Review

So, Caden & I get home yesterday afternoon & the melatonin landed on the counter.

Don't you like my organization style?

Later, Stan got testy b/c the kitchen wasn't spic & span for him to create his lasagna masterpiece (Wednesdays are 'eat what we want' dinners...God bless Wednesdays.)

After cleaning things up for him (I'm a great wife), we (HE) got down to business & the house started smelling great.

Fast forward a couple of hours...

The directions for the melatonin say to take it 30 minutes before bedtime. My body has always had different timing, so I wanted to take it at 7:30. I went into the kitchen & looked on the counter.

No melatonin.

I asked Caden where he put it b/c he brought the bottle in when we got home. He walked around and then got upset b/c he couldn't find them & he thought it was his fault. Bless his sensitive heart.

I got Stan on the job b/c seriously, the man is a bloodhound. You need to sniff something out? Stan's the man.

We looked in every room in the house, even the LAUNDRY go.

I am FREAKING out b/c this is the miracle drug everyone recommended AND WE CAN'T FIND IT!!!!

Stan keeps his calm & opens the cabinet where we keep our medicine, & the melatonin bottle.

I had put it up when he was being snarky about the kitchen.

Ladies & gentlemen: I have been SOOOOO tired the past few days; I had NOOO idea I'd put them up.

Le sigh...

REVIEW: I give it a B- & here's why:

  • It helped me go to sleep, but my mind was still racing.
  • I got up at 3:30 to go to the bathroom & couldn't go back to sleep, BUT...
  • I felt rested.

I got up & cleaned the kitchen.

Is it just me or am I always cleaning the kitchen???

I did 2 loads of laundry.

And Stan & I got to spend some quality kidless time together.

So...I will take it again tonight & give it another shot. I can't fully blame the melatonin for not being able to go back to sleep. 'Anything Goes for Dinner' Wednesdays aren't really as fun as they sound & I wasn't feeling good when I woke up so that probably had more to do with it than anything else.

Stay tuned for 'Melatonin - the Sequel'


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Shannon said...

It will build up in your system and definitely help more as time goes by- keep trying it!